Cuspal Screen Printing… the application of your artwork or brand message onto virtually any object which is flat. Certain products that are curved cannot be silkscreen printed, therefore we pad print them. We use different paint for different products. Silkscreen printing is the cheaper branding option when it comes to large runs of the same print.

The best way of printing onto most cotton clothing is screen printing. Screen printing is ideal for large designs and is the technique of choice for t-shirt printing, because of the quality it produces. Screen printed garments wash and last well.

Cuspal Screen Printing Process

The Screen Printing Process Screens are made by placing a chemical emulsion on a mesh surface. The Artwork is printed onto a film type paper or vellum. The screen is then exposed on a light table with the artwork under it. The light solidifies the chemicals around the design, and where the light failed to pass through, the chemical breaks down. The screen is then rinsed out and what is left is the area where the light hit. The item is placed on a platen and each screen swings around over the top. The screen is then brought down and placed on top. A squeegee is then pulled over that screen’s ink colour which pushes the ink onto the fabric. That screen is then lifted. The platen with the printed item is then moved under a flash unit where it dries. Upon curing, the platen is brought back and the next colour screen is swung over the top of it.

Screen Printing Ideas & Applications:

  • T-shirts & Clothing
  • Bags & Luggage
  • Rain Jackets (remain waterproof)
  • Estate Agents Boards
  • Stationary
  • Camping Chairs
  • Appliances
  • Travel Mugs
  • Golf Balls & Golf Accessories
  • Water Bottles
  • Name Badges
  • Tool Sets & Auto Accessories
  • Golf Green Flags
Cuspal Manufacturing can Silk screen or screen print onto virtually any product which is flat.