Cuspal Manufacturers guarantee quality products and we strive to perfect our client services. All manufacturing, anodising and printing processes are performed in house to enable us to manufacture aluminium products to your exact specifications and maximise quality control. The Cuspal range of processes and products are constantly extended to meet our customers needs. This enables us to give the you a complete product service and respond rapidly to changing market needs.

Aluminium can be anodised in many different colours, silver is most common but other colours are available. Common thicknesses range from 0.5mm – 3.0mm thick. Anodised products and components are used in thousands of commercial, industrial and consumer applications and Cuspal manufacture a vast range of products from anodised aluminium such as: Poles & Handles, Rack Plates, Signs, Labels, Serial Plates, Name Plates, Door Signs, Plaques, Identification Tags, Control Panel Labels & Facia Panels.

The Benefits of Anodised Aluminium

The unique anodised finish is the only one in the metals industry that satisfies each of the following important factors:


Because anodising is an integral bond to the underlying aluminium extrusion, it is will not peel or chip, and its physical and chemical structure makes it very resistant to abrasion and corrosion, giving it a long life span.


The colour compounds used for the dying of aluminium make colour anodising very stable. Anodised aluminium will not materially fade, chip, peel or chalk even under the harshest UV conditions.

Low Maintenance

Scratches, scars and wear from fabrication, handling, installation, frequent surface dirt cleaning and usage are virtually non-existent.


Anodising offers a large increasing number of gloss and colour alternatives and minimises or eliminates colour variations. Unlike other finishes, anodising allows the aluminium to maintain its metallic appearance.


A lower initial finishing cost combines with lower maintenance costs for greater long-term value.